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I was having a discussion a couple of years back, about what it would be like if magic was a real commodity. Now I don’t mean putting magic into a machine and retrieving it by depositing a quarter like getting out a candy bar, but what it would be like, if the magic worked the same way as electricity.

Not that magic would run neatly down thin little wires and obediently lite up candles, but that doing a magic ritual one would see a change. I wondered what it would be like to live in a world where magic was that reliable.

The first part of the world I envisioned was the Weather Magic. Logically I knew this had to be the responsibility of Water magic workers and that these guys should be like the monks of old, dedicating themselves to the service of the world: be the healers, practice abstinence, and self-denial. It amused me to think of Elves (as I made the magic users of this world elves) with their elongated lives and other benefits becoming wearers of rough hemp robes, hand woven sandals and chanting in twenty-part harmony at midnight.

It would be interesting to live in a world where the announcement would come out, “It will rain from four-thirty pm to eight-thirty pm next Tuesday, and be advised we have scheduled for eight days of good weather with light winds to make harvesting easy.” Wouldn’t it? Then, if you had influence and money you could go to the temple and let them know you are planning a wedding next June 18th and could it please be a nice day?

The world of Changing Magic (first book The Uses) has an entire culture based on the Elemental Magic of the Elves. Iron ore is smelted by Earth and Fire Magicians. Water magicians are the healers and everyone accepts this. Then into this settled and calm society I inserted two changes. One: the infertility of magic users. What will you do when the magic users cannot replace themselves? And two: a new form of magic. What will people do when the accepted, the settled, must change?

I like to play with the comfortable and complacent. Hehehe…

Here's a little more about The Use:

A homage to the Bawdy Novels of old!
Adventures in Magic. . . . of many different kinds!
Think of this book as a Regency novel - - – with Elves.
In an Empire where Earth, Air, Fire and Water Magic is taken for granted. . .The Magic Users of the High Court Elves are suffering a mysterious decrease in fertility. Soon there may not be enough Magicians to support an Empire dependent on Magic for clean water, for weather stability. . . for. . . everything!. One magician discovers a book describing the much derided and not at all respectable practice of Sex Magic! Lacking anything else better to do he decides to experiment.
First, the book instructs, he needs one special woman.

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