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There are good secrets and there are bad secrets, there are light secrets and there are ones that are so heavy you feel as if you are carrying anvils inside your chest.

My heroine Natalie Armitage has a tragic secret, which she didn’t tell her Angelo Bellandini about when they had a passionate affair five years ago.

But her past has finally caught up with her. In a drunken rage her younger brother has caused extensive damage to one of Angelo’s luxury hotels. Angelo wants someone to pay and who better than the young woman who spurned his marriage proposal five years ago?

Revenge, reignited passion and redemption are the three things I wanted to explore in Natalie and Angelo’s story.

What starts as a plan for revenge soon turns into something else! Angelo begins to discover things about Natalie that make him realize why their relationship floundered five years ago.

The passion is still there – if anything it is even more scorching! But what Angelo longs for most is for Natalie to open her heart to him.

For Natalie to find the redemption she needs she must reveal to Angelo the one thing she would do anything to keep hidden.

Here's the blurb for Surrendering All But Her Heart:

Keeping your enemies close…

Natalie Armitage's world shattered the first time Angelo Belladini mentioned marriage. Their affair had been intensely passionate, but she had learned to close off her heart at an early age, so the thought of exposing it to anyone made her run.

Five years later she's facing her second proposal from Angelo—but his molten brown eyes are burning with revenge, not desire! To protect her family, Natalie must accept his ring, but she'll be no meek-and-mild Belladini bride. Angelo's expert touch might give her body scorching pleasure, but he'll never win her frozen heart….

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Thank you and Happy Reading!!

Melanie Milburne

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