Dear Reader,

I have a confession. I am a nerd and a dreamer. I was the kid who got put way out in left field in gym class because I would get lost daydreaming and totally forget we were supposed to be watching the ball. I wore glasses and liked reading so that pretty much pegged me to the other kids.

Oddly, I was something of a daredevil, too. I was the first one to take a sled down a dangerous hill. I’d climb higher than anyone else in the tall pine trees. When we played Robin Hood I always wanted to play Robin Hood so I could brandish a play sword.

So, what does that have to do with me, the writer? Absolutely everything. I still dream. I still long to have great adventures and I still like to put my characters through great peril and learn through their actions just what they are made of.

I’m constantly learning more about my characters as my stories begin to write themselves.

Sometimes I feel almost like a reader myself along for a journey of discovery. I was right beside Kenzie experiencing the adventure and the suspense all the way to the very last page.

How can Kenzie cope with her father shot and his condition unknown? Should she run away as he had ordered her to do in order to escape the men who shot him and are chasing her? Most important of all...who is Sam Granger and how can he help her?

Travel with Kenzie through a totally unfamiliar world teeming with danger as she seeks the help of an old childhood friend, Justin, and hooks up with Cat, a streetwise teen.

I hope you enjoy reading Hide & Seek as much as I enjoyed creating Kenzie and her adventure.

Once popular, almost sixteen year old, Kenzie Hudson is in a world of trouble. Her father has been shot, her friends have deserted her and she’s running for her life.

Kenzie has to learn to cope on her own on the streets of Denver while trying to find a stranger who might be able to help her solve the mystery of her Dad’s shooting and the mysterious device the shooters are after. Why did her father tell her not to go to the police? Who is Sam Grainger and how does he fit into the mystery? Can she trust the street girl she meets? And can her childhood friend, Justin, who has become a real hottie, help her before the shooters find her

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Thank you and Happy Reading!!

KC Fox

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