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Lately, I seem to be favoring cowboy stories.  Readers tell me they like them, and I love writing them.  Coming out in February is book two of my Colorado Cattle Barons series, A Cowboy In Manhattan

In book one, A Cowcoy Comes Home, Caleb Terrell returned to Colorado, was reunited with his estranged twin brother Reed and also met up with sexy neighbor Mandy Jacobs.  In A Cowboy In Manhattan, Reed Terrell finds a long-lost Jacobs sister for his own, New York ballerina Katrina.

I grew up in the suburbs but took vacations in ranch country.  I still enjoy the juxtaposition of city and country, and I love crafting characters who need to find a happy medium.  Cowboys make terrific heroes. They're smart, strong, sexy and principled. Here's a little more about A Cowboy In Manhattan:

He is Colorado to the core. And after an unexpected family reunion, Reed Terrell is also an overnight millionaire. But the cattle rancher's biggest surprise is his attraction to Katrina Jacobs. For as much as Reed is quintessential cowboy, she is pure city-slicker.

Even with passions riding high, Reed knows an affair with Katrina can't continue. She'd once lived the ranch life and long ago decided it wasn't for her. Though every fiber of his being yearns for the country, can Reed risk losing the only woman who makes him crave something more?

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Good luck and please do look for my book in stores or online - it's available now! If you pick it up, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you and Happy Reading!!

Barbara Dunlop

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