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Archives 2013

29th November - Susan Stephens - Christmas Nights With The Polo Player (eBlast)
1st November - Jane Porter - Take Me, Cowboy (eBlast)
2nd October - Debra Mullins - Prodigal Son (Spotlight)
4th September - Jennifer Estep - Heart of Venom
26th August - Lisa Dale - The Wishing Thread (Spotlight)
2nd August - Annie West - Imprisoned By A Vow
31st July - Jennifer Estep - Midnight Frost
5th July - Amelia Grey - The Rogue Steals A Bride (eBlast)
22nd May - Kate Walker - A Throne For The Taking
10th May - Susan Meier - A Father For Her Triplets (eBlast)
29th April - Lorraine Heath - Lord of Wicked Intentions
27th March - Jennifer Estep - Deadly Sting
27th February - Annie West - Captive In The Spotlight
15th February - Stella MacLean - The Art of Kissing Dangerously (eBlast)
9th January - Victoria Pinder - Two Weeks In Miami (eBlast)
7th January - Ann Charles - Dance of the Winnebagos (Spotlight)
2nd January - Kate Austin - Inferno (eBlast)

2012 Archives

26th December - Jennifer Estep - Crimson Frost
21st December - Valerie Parv - Birthright (Spotlight)
19th December - KC Fox - Hide & Seek
17th December - Ann Charles - Dead Case in Deadwood (Spotlight)
14th December - Corvallis Christmas
12th December - Barbara Dunlop - A Golden Betrayal (eBlast)
7th December - KC Fox - Hide & Seek (Spotlight)
5th December - Ann Charles - Optical Delusions in Deadwood (Spotlight)
3rd December - Michael Modzelewski - Wild Life
28th November - Barbara Kennedy - The Root Of All Evil (eBlast)
26th November -Michael Modzelewski - Wild Life (Spotlight)
23rd November - Ann Charles - Nearly Departed in Deadwood (Spotlight)
16th November - Melanie Milburne - Surrendering All But Her Heart (Spotlight)
14th November - KC Fox - Hide & Seek (eBlast)
12th November - Valerie Parv - Birthright (eBlast)
7th November - Ann Charles - Jackrabbit Junction Jitters (eBlast)
5th November - Stella MacLean - The Christmas Inn (Spotlight)
31st October - Michael Modzelewski - Wild Life (eBlast)
15th October - DL Carter - The Use
3rd October - Ann Charles - Dance of the Winnebagos (eBlast)
24th September - Jane Porter - The Good Woman (eBlast)
12th September - Ann Charles - Dead Case In Deadwood (eBlast)
5th September - DL Carter - The Use (Spotlight)
29th August - Ann Charles - Optical Delusions In Deadwood (eBlast)
27th August - DL Carter - The Use (eBlast)
22nd August - Jennifer Estep - Widow's Web
15th August - Ann Charles - Nearly Departed In Deadwood (eBlast)
13th August - CJ Carmichael - Colton: Rodeo Cowboy (eBlast)
25th July - Melanie Milburne - Deserving Of His Diamonds? (Spotlight)
18th July - DL Carter - Ridiculous
11th July - Ann Charles - Jackrabbit Junction Jitters
4th July - DL Carter - Ridiculous (Spotlight)
27th June - DL Carter - Ridiculous (eBlast)
13th June - Jane Porter - Not Fit For A King? (Spotlight)
6th June - Susan Meier - The Tycoon's Secret Daughter (eBlast)
4th June- Annie West - Undone By His Touch
28th May - Jennifer Estep - Dark Frost
14th May - Dana Marton - The Third Scroll
9th May - Barbara Dunlop - An Intimate Bargain (Spotlight)
7th May- Amelia Grey - The Gentleman Said "I Do"
11th April - Kate Walker - The Devil And Miss Jones
9th April - Abby Gaines - That New York Minute
12th March - Annie West - Girl In The Bedouin Tent
29th February - Jennifer Estep - By A Thread
22nd February - Tracy Sumner - To Seduce A Rogue (2-in-1 eBlast)
6th February - Barbara Dunlop - A Cowboy in Manhattan (Spotlight)
11th January - Dana Marton - Last Spy Standing
9th January - Lisa Dale - A Promise of Safekeeping
4th January - Barbara Dunlop - A Cowboy Comes Home (eBlast)

2011 Archives

19th December - Lisa Dale - 'A Promise' FB Contest (Spotlight)
7th December - Susan Meier - Kisses on Her Christmas List (eBlast)
5th December - Jennifer Estep - Karma Girl Christmas (eBlast)
28th November - Jennifer Estep - Kiss of Frost
14th November - Melissa McClone - Firefighter Under The Mistletoe
2nd November - Annie West - The Savakis Merger
12th October - Melanie Milburne - His Poor Little Rich Girl (eBlast)
10th October - Kate Walker - The Return of the Stranger
26th September - Jennifer Estep - Spider's Revenge
14th September - Barbara Dunlop - An After-Hours Affair (eBlast)
8th August - Fiona Lowe - Boomerang Bride
27th July - Annie West - Prince of Scandal
25th July - Jennifer Estep - Touch of Frost
11th July - Melanie Milburne - The Wedding Charade
6th July - Melissa McClone - Not-So-Perfect Princess
29th June - Lorraine Heath - Waking Up With The Duke
15th June - Melanie Milburne - One Last Night
8th June - Susanna Carr - In The Pink (eBlast)
9th May - Melanie Milburne - The Unclaimed Baby
4th May - Virna DePaul - Chosen By Blood
2nd May - Donna Alward - Honeymoon With The Rancher
27th April - Tina Leonard - The Cowboy's Triplets (eBlast)
25th April - Jennifer Estep - Tangled Threads
13th April - Tracy Wolff - Deserving of Luke
11th April - Tessa Adams - Hidden Embers
6th April - Lisa Dale - Slow Dancing on Price's Pier
4th April - Kate Walker - The Proud Wife
14th March - Barbara Dunlop - Billionaire's Baby Dilemma
9th March - Melissa McClone - Expecting Royal Twins
23rd February - Kristina McMorris - Letters From Home
14th February - Donna Alward - Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle
7th February - Annie West - Protected By The Prince
10th January - Barbara Dunlop - The CEO's Accidental Bride

2010 Archives

1st November - Donna Alward - Breathe
11th October - Kate Walker - The Good Greek Wife?
27th September - Jennifer Estep - Venom
5th July - Annie West - Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child
28th June - Laura Griffin - Unspeakable
21st June - Maya Jax - Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me
31st May - Jennifer Estep - Web Of Lies
21st April : Tracy Wolff - Tease Me
12th April : Barbara Dunlop - His Convenient Virgin Bride (eBlast)
22nd March : Kate Walker - The Konstantos Marriage Demand
15th March : Donna Alward - Her Lone Cowboy
10th March : C J Carmichael - Receptionist Under Cover (eBlast)
8th March : Barbara Dunlop - In Bed With The Wrangler (eBlast)
10th February : C J Carmichael - The P.I. Contest (eBlast)
8th February : Barbara Dunlop - Seduction And The CEO (eBlast)
1st February : Caitlin Crews - Pure Princess, Bartered Bride
25th January : Jennifer Estep - Spider's Bite
18th January : Donna Alward - One Dance With The Cowboy
13th January : C J Carmichael - Perfect Partners? (eBlast)

2009 Archives

14th December : Annie West - Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife
7th December : Tracy Wolff - The Christmas Present
23rd November : Laura Griffin - Untraceable
16th November :Donna Alward - A Bride For Rocking H Ranch
9th November : Liz Fielding - 2 in 1 (Nov & Dec 09 books)
2nd November : Lisa Dale - It Happened One Night
12th October : Jessica Inclán - The Beautiful Being
5th October : Susanna Carr - The Year Of Living Shamelessly
14th September : Jessica Inclán - Believe In Me
7th September : Tracy Wolff - Tie Me Down
29th June : Susan Mallery - Straight From The Hip
15th June : Tracy Wolff - From Friend To Father
8th June : Donna Alward - Hired: The Italian's Bride
1st June : Annie West- The Greek's Convenient Mistress
25th May : Susan Mallery - Lip Service
11th May : Dana Marton - Saved By The Monarch
4th May : Michelle Monkou - Only In Paradise
27th April : Susan Mallery - Under Her Skin
20th April : Lisa Dale - Simple Wishes
13th April : Annie West - The Desert King's Pregnant Bride
6th April : Liz Fielding - Secret Baby, Surprise Parents
9th March : Susan Mallery - Sunset Bay
9th February : Kate Carlisle - Homicide In Hardcover
2nd February : Christina Hollis - Her Ruthless Italian Boss
19th January : Tracy Wolff - Full Exposure
12th January : Donna Alward - The Rancher's Runaway Princess
5th January : Maureen Child - Bedeviled

2008 Archives

29th December : Susan Mallery - Falling For Gracie
15th December : Susanna Carr - Red-Hot And Royal
1st December : Hachette/5 Spot - Flirting With Forty
17th November : M. L. St. Sure - Evensong
10th November : Liz Fielding - Wedded In A Whirlwind
3rd November : Tracy Wolff - A Christmas Wedding
27th October : Susan Stephens - The Prince's Arranged Bride
20th October : Jenesi Ash - Swap
6th October : Jessica Inclán - Intimate Beings
29th September : Susan Stephens - Housekeeper At His Beck & Call