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Susanna Carr

After inspiring Kensington Brava's "Wicked" Woman series with her first novella, Susanna Carr continues to write sexy contemporary romances with a snappy and upbeat style for NAL Trade. Frequently appearing on the Nielsen BookScan's bestsellers charts, Susanna's storytelling has also been recognized in over a dozen industry awards for romantic comedy and sensual romance.


A tale of three beautiful sisters-and the incredible pair of earrings that makes their hottest fantasies come true.

The stunning pink diamond earrings were guaranteed to bring out the bombshell in every woman. So Sabrina, Lindsay, and Nicole Graham pooled their cash and decided to share. Little did they guess that these perfect little baubles were going to make their previously tranquil lives utterly X-rated.

Beyond The Book - Susanna Carr on PINK ICE

Lee : Susanna, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Your new book, PINK ICE just hit shelves this month and garnering rave reviews already. Please tell us about the premise of each novella in this anthology.

Susanna: PINK ICE is about three sisters, one jewel thief, and a pair of pink diamond earrings that makes their hottest fantasies come true. The diamonds once belonged the sister’s fashion idol and they secretly hope that by wearing the earrings, a little of the stardust will fall on them.

In “Pink Champagne”, Sabrina wants her “Cinderella Moment”, so she wears the earrings and crashes high society events just to see what it feels like to be the belle of the ball.

Lindsay, the prim and proper older sister in “Touch of Pink”, suppresses her wild streak, except on vacation. Then she’ll wear the earrings and have a holiday fling, but finds way more than she expected.

Nicole, the youngest sister, and in “Pink Positive” she knows she needs those earrings to attract someone as sophisticated as Alex Rafferty. The pink diamonds will lend her a hint of glamour, but for some reason Alex acts very strange when she wears the earrings.

And the “In the Pink” novella is about Mercer, a jewel thief. She wants to grab the earrings, but the hot police officer who always gets in her way is watching her every move.

Lee : What was your inspiration behind each of these stories and the overall idea? Why 'pink' earrings?

Susanna : I read an article in People magazine about a group of women who chipped in and bought an expensive diamond necklace. Each woman gets a turn in wearing the necklace and there are rules of what they have to do while wearing the piece of jewelry. I thought that was interesting, but I wondered what it would be like if the women were related. I also wondered what if the piece of jewelry had a sentimental value, or a story behind it.

I chose to make the earrings pink based on something that happened to me at a reader conference. I met a reader who said, “Oh, you’re the one who writes those pink books!” I didn’t realize until that I had more than my share of pink books, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the color pink represents my style of writing: fun, feminine, flirty, love and beauty. So I decided to purposely add more pink into this story.

Lee : I really enjoyed the book! I think Mercer's story, (jewel thief) is my favorite. How about you? If you had to pick just one of these stories, which would you say is your favorite one and why? Which one was the easiest to write?

Susanna : Thank you! Originally Mercer wasn’t supposed to have her own love story, but when my editor asked me to write an additional novella, we decided to make it about Mercer. It was difficult at first because I’ve never written about a criminal as a romance heroine!

Sabrina’s story was probably the easiest because the moment I came up with the idea of the book, I understood Sabrina right away. I knew what she wanted and how far she would go to get it.

Lee : Tell us how you got into writing. Was it a burning need to put pen to paper or did you just fall into the idea by chance?

Susanna: Writing is one of the few subjects I did well in at school, and the more confidence I gained, the more I practiced. It’s the way I communicate the best, and it’s the only way I can show my creativity in the way others would draw or perform in a play.

Lee : In terms of creative process, do you tend to weave a situation around your characters or vice versa, creating characters to fit a situation / plot? What's the easiest part of the writing process for you?

Susanna : I think about what kind of heroine I want to write. What does she want? Why does she want it? How far will she go to get it? Then I develop a story and a hero to work around the heroine. The easiest part of the writing process is getting the spark of the story and stretching it out into an idea that will work for a full-length book or novella.

Lee : Lots of writers dread the sagging middle. What are some of the methods you try to use to get yourself beyond that dragging middle?

Susanna : I plot before I write the story, which helps me keep the story from dragging.

Lee : What can readers look forward to in the coming months from you?

Susanna : My Valentine story will be reprinted in January 2007. The title of that anthology is VALENTINE’S DAY IS KILLING ME. And in May 2007, I will have another novella collection called BAD GIRL BRIDESMAIDS.

Lee : Your twin sister appears frequently in your e-newsletters. Do you both have similar tastes in reading? What about when it comes to writing your books - do you turn to her to discuss your plot or characters or bounce ideas off each other?

Susanna : Jennifer and I like reading romance, but she prefers historical romance, particularly the Regency period. I always discuss my books with her whether she wants to or not! I named one of my characters after her, and she’s been the inspiration of a few stories, such as “Valentine Survivor”.

Lee : What's your idea of a perfectly relaxing evening once you're done with a deadline?

Susanna: I like to kick back on the couch and work through my TBR pile of romance books.

Lee : If you had to describe yourself in five words, which five would you choose?

Susanna : Quirky, irreverent, low key, and ironically optimistic.

Lee : Is there anything else you'd like to share with readers at this point?

Susanna : For excerpts or more information about my books, visit!

Lee : I've really enjoyed learning more about you and about PINK ICE. Thanks for your time, Susanna!

Susanna : Thanks, Lee!