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Pat White

Pat White has been spinning stories in her head ever since she was a little girl, stories of romance, adventure and intrigue. Pat's first two novels were published in 2003 for Silhouette Romance, PRACTICE MAKES MR. PERFECT, and Love Spell, GOT A HOLD ON YOU. She's an RT Reviewer's Choice winner for Best Contemporary Romance 2004 for her romantic comedy, RING AROUND MY HEART, the second book in her romantic comedy series set in professional wrestling. Her debut Romantic Suspense, SILENT MEMORIES was a September 2006 release, followed by the third in her pro wrestling trilogy, LOVE ON THE ROPES, in October.


Take It Off

Where do you put your service revolver when all you're wearing are spandex briefs? This is just one of the challenges facing DEA agent Jason McBain when he goes undercover as pro wrestler Jack the Stripper. His assignment is to find out who is distributing steroids—in and out of the ring—but he never thought his first suspect would be the beautiful physical therapist who fires his blood to the boiling point. The minute he feels Sandy's soft hands on his body, all thoughts of the mission leave his mind. He might not know much about wrestling, but he's pretty sure he wants to body-slam the petite redhead into his bed.

Take It All Off

Sandy Ryan knows the sizzling image will be seared into her memory forever: six feet of hot, muscled male wielding a hot pink stiletto heel as a lethal weapon against an infuriated wrestler in a headlock. But she has to keep her interest in the Stripper purely professional—mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea. She knows from personal experience. So what if she wants to jump in te ring and help Jason tear his clothes off? It would be easier if there weren't something strangely vulnerable in the cocky wrestler's mesmerizing blue-green eyes; something that tugs at her heart-strings; something that tells her to take a chance on...


Beyond The Book - Pat White on LOVE ON THE ROPES

Lee : Please tell us something about yourself. How and when did you decide to become a writer?

Pat : I was a journalist for 10 years before I began writing fiction. However, a few years ago I happened upon my very first book, written when I was 11! I always had stories going in my head, and just figured that's what everyone did, right?

Lee : I've been familiar with your romantic comedy novels from Love Spell for a couple of years. They're well written and thoroughly entertaining! So it's great news that you've branched out into romantic suspense as well - that means we'll have more books to enjoy from you in the future. But tell us please, what led to this and why romantic suspense?

Pat : Actually, when I started writing romance I was writing suspense, but the comedy seemed to resonate with editors first, so that's the path I followed. However, my love of suspense kept nagging at me, so after my line closed at Silhouette (Romance), I decided to go after my dream of writing romantic suspense and submitted to Harlequin Intrigue. I enjoy writing the dark, suspenseful stories in a completely different way than the comedies, but I love writing them both!

Lee : What comes more easily - crafting the whodunits in category romance or the longer, funnier single titles? Since you've written a few Intrigues already, please tell us, is it easy to switch gears in your mind from writing suspense to comedy? Or do you find it difficult sometimes?

Pat : You really have to get into a mindset for two different types of books. It's not difficult to do, you just have to remember which style you're writing. I was working on my Nocturne, very dark and sexy, and suddenly my heroine started cracking jokes. Not good.

Lee : Do you think you'd enjoy writing longer romantic suspense novels? Is there any other genre or sub-genre you'd like to try your hand at in the future?

Pat : Sure, longer suspense novels would be great because they would give me an even broader area to cover. As far as other genres, I enjoy writing sweet, tender romances and would like to try my hand at non-fiction self-help, and screenplays.

Lee : What's the scoop on your October '06 Love Spell release, LOVE ON THE ROPES. Could you share more about the story than what we can read in the back blurb?

Pat : It's about a heroine who is following her father's dream because she craves his love. The lesson is, sometimes people are incapable of giving what they don't have. You have to accept that, and move on. My hero needs to learn that not everybody has an angle, and through the heroine's eyes, he can see his honor and integrity more clearly. I love Sandy's (heroine's) story because she learns to accept herself for who she is, not stuff herself into a role to earn love. Love comes from inside first.

Lee : Loved your character, DEA Agent Jason McBain, aka Jack the Stripper! Please share more about him. How did you come up with his personality? Is he loosely based on a real life person or purely a figment of your imagination? What makes him tick?

Pat : Jason is definitely his own man, not based on anyone real, that is. He literally sprung onto the page and demanded his own task force to fight drugs. He was a little, okay more than a little, angry with me when I told him he'd be stripping instead. The funny thing is, I think he started to like it, especially when it meant spending time with Sandy aka Nurse Virgin. ;-)

Lee : What personally attracts you to the wrestling arena setting? Is it safe to assume you're a big fan of the sport?

Pat : I used to be a bigger fan, when it was more innocent and light-hearted. Wrestling has changed over the years. It's darker, more twisted. But what drew me to it was the outrageousness at first. Then I learned the story behind these guys and was really touched. These guys get little respect as athletes, are often ridiculed by fans and non-fans alike, and some of them die due to steroid abuse at age 35. And for what? Fame? It's tragic.

Lee : In terms of developing a story, what comes to you first most often - the character(s) or the plot? Would you classify yourself as a plotter? Or a pantser?

Pat : Uh ... pantser - guilty. A dangerous way to write, I suppose, but when I try to convert to being a plotter, I get in HUGE fights with my characters and so much time is wasted. My characters drive my story. I usually see an opening scene in my head... when I'm laying down with my cat. Then I hear them speak, I let it run for a while, then I jump up and get to the computer. That's how most of my books start.

Lee : Do you follow a particular writing process once you decide it's time get a book written? Some people work best under pressure. Would you say that's true for yourself - like, do you write every day and pace yourself out or do you tend to wait until just before the deadline to pull the whole story together?

Pat : Deadlines have a way to making you sit in the chair, that's for sure. And the funny thing is, most writers I know will say, "I'm going to change next time and start early!" And the next time comes, it's three weeks away from deadline and they're still on chapter four.
Lee : So what are you working on at the moment?

Pat : A nocturne called SAVING DESTINY which is part of the Dark Enchantment Series. This is really different for me because it's sexy, dark and paranormal (more so than wrestling *G*).

Lee : You're married with children which must inevitably mean lots of responsibilities towards loved ones etc. How do you handle life's interruptions? Do you close yourself up inside your office and ask not to be disturbed except in the case of injury or are you prone to making yourself available to loved ones at all times and then scrambling to write whenever they don't need attention?

Pat : Wow, good question. If you ask them, I'm never available. If you ask me, I put them first. LOL The only time I get very protective of my writing is near the end of a book. It's going so fast that if someone interupts, it's dangerous, like falling from the top of a roller coaster. In this case, I pile furniture against the door so they can't disturb me. They don't know I do this.

Lee : How would you define a 'perfect romance'?

Pat : Intense emotions. Otherwise, you take the impossible match-up, toss them into a ring, let them duke it out, grow, become stronger, better people, and voila! It all comes together and is an amazingly satisfying read.

Lee : What can readers look forward to from Pat White in the coming months?

Pat : My Intrigue series featuring The Blackwell Group, a team of private investigators led by a former Scotland Yard Inspector. The titles: THE AMERICAN TEMP AND THE BRITISH INSPECTOR (Jan. 07); THE ENGLISH DETECTIVE AND THE ROOKIE AGENT (Feb. 07); MISS FAIRMONT AND THE GENTLEMAN INVESTIGATOR (March '07). I can't wait!! Then, later in the year is the Nocturne, SAVING DESTINY.

Lee : When is your birthday (and astrological sign)?

Pat : April 21. I think I'm on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, which is why I'm confused most of the time.

Lee : How may fans contact you?

Pat : Email:
Or Snail Mail: Pat White, 704 228th Ave. NE #434, Sammamish, WA 98074

Lee : Pat, it's been a pleasure talking with you! Thanks for your time. I'm really looking forward to your next Harlequin Intrigue release in January of 2007. Best of luck!!

Pat : Thanks, Lee. It's always great chatting with you!