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Lucinda Betts

The Bet, in PURE SEX ANTHOLOGY, July 2006, Kensington Aphrodisia NIGHT SPELL, September 2006, Kensington Aphrodisia MOON SHADOW, March 2007, Kensington Aphrodisia THE SUPPLICANT, July 2007, Kensington Aphrodisia A Piece of Tail, in MYTHOS, November 2007, Kensington Aphrodisia SHE BEAST, February 2008, Kensington Aphrodisia HORSEPLAY, July 2008, Kensington Aphrodisia


Enter a world outside of the everyday, where boundaries are crossed and inhibitions are shed at a whisper…in three compelling  stories that explore the boundaries of  ultimate ecstasy…

My Captor
Lost in the desert, tied in a tent, a beautiful young woman awaits the mysterious man who captured her by night.  His taste for submissive fantasy is hard to satisfy…until his pretty captive is persuaded to bare her most secret desires…  

Winged Dreams
By day, Iole is the chaste, obedient young daughter of Lord Aeson.  By night, her dream lover brings her to the heights of wickedly sensual pleasure.  The only man she will obey is him. Because being so wrong never felt so right…

Bed Sport
Assigned to steal the Jewel of Dragonkind from a deadly beast, Larkspur must outwit another talented thief: a man with the face and the body of a god. Give him the upper hand? No.  But he demands a different answer. Now. Never has she known a man so masterful.  Larkspur is lost to the ecstasy of surrender…

Beyond The Book - Lucinda Betts on NIGHT SPELLS

Lee : Please tell us about yourself. How and when did you decide to be a writer?

Lucinda : It was a bet in a bar. I'd had one too many martinis, and shot my mouth off. A friend tossed out a bet (see PURE SEX for details about the stakes). He said: I bet you can't. And I said: I damn well can.
And I did. So there, ha! You should see what I won—besides the NY contracts!

Lee : What do you love most about this profession? And what would you say are some of the not-so-great aspects of it?

Lucinda : Funny you should ask this. I'm about to give a lecture on this topic at my alma mater (which I refuse to divulge or they'd die of embarrassment!).

Pros: No boss, no committees, freedom to work on my own schedule. Cons: no health insurance. (And don't tell me about the Writers Guild because they cost as much as COBRA.) Working at home takes on a new meaning.

Lee : Would you describe yourself as a plotter or a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of writer?

Lucinda : Seat of the pants. My CP is a plotter. She sends me these forms to fill out. You know the kind. Antag. Protag. GMC. I've diligently filled them out and then started writing. When my stories proceed to take unexpected turns (and they always, do), I find myself torn between keeping to the form or telling my tale. But after hammering out eight stories for Kensington, I find I can simply embrace the seat-of-the-pants method. And I prefer leather pants. Tight ones.

Lee : How long does it usually take you to write a book, from conception of the idea(s) to the final polished page ready for submission?

Lucinda : Well, if you'd asked me a few months ago I'd have a smug answer for you. "Two months for a novella, and four months for a single title." But my last novella has tortured me. It's only 100 pages, 250 words on each page—but by the muses, I have struggled. I need to put my tight leather pants back on.

Lee : Please tell us about your new release, NIGHT SPELL. Who or what was the inspiration for each novella in this anthology?

Lucinda : You're getting personal now, Miss Lee. Are you trying to inspire me yourself? I have a big bed and it's very soft…Do you like martinis?

Seriously, my bar-fly girlfriends have a very rich wish list—a list of things they could do, a list of things they wish were safe to do. They long for these incredible sexual adventures, but alas, hearts and health are always in jeopardy at closing time.

With my dark and twisted NIGHT SPELL stories, which delve into mild S&M and ménages, I put myself into the shoes—no, the thigh-highs—of women brave enough to live a life I can only imagine.

Lee : I'm sure you love all three stories but is there one that's a particular favorite of yours? If so, why?

Lucinda : They were all my favorites for a time, but I like MY CAPTOR because a bunch of publishers tried to buy it. Red Sage, Kensington and the e-publisher Heat Wave all made offers. But I like it for different reasons. I like it that my darkest fantasy, when put to paper, appealed to so many people. I've been hammered for the bondage in it from some reviewers, but it's the story that generates the most fan mail. Fan male. It strikes a chord in my readers that isn't struck in many other outlets.

Lee : What are you working on at the moment?

Lucinda : I've been invited to contribute to a multi-authored anthology based in mythology, a yummy topic. If centaurs and ancient Minoan culture whet your appetite… It is currently untitled, but my working title, which is always a joke, is called A PIECE OF TALE.

Lee : Will you be writing longer stories or do you mostly enjoy the novella length?

Lucinda : I've got two single titles coming out in Kensington's Aphrodisia line. MOON SHADOW comes out in March 2007, and it features a high-level wizard who falls for someone far below her usual radar. I think the brainier romance readers will embrace this one.

And THE SUPPLICANT comes out next July. The heroine of this tale finds, much to her amazement, that the person who brings her to orgasm get his—or her—wish granted by the One God.

I like novellas. They fit my life. I can hammer them out between the other things that amuse me. Like those leather pants…

Lee : What are some of the hobbies you like to indulge in when you aren't writing?

Lucinda : Horses. I love the arch of their necks, the smell of their breath and the sound of their hooves pounding the ground. I love the power they lend me when I'm on their backs.

And speaking of leather pants, have you seen a cowboy in chaps?

Lee : Which authors helped inspire you before you achieved your own dream of being published?

Lucinda : Rosemary Rogers and Harold Robbins top my list. Good old Rosemary had heroines enjoying sex with men other than the hero, and that was 20 years ago! Why not add a Duchess?

I can't remember which Harold Robbins story it was, but in one of them, his heroine caught his hero in an excited state while he was hammering out a novel. The hero said something like, "Well, if it doesn't excite me, how can it excite anyone else?" That philosophy still makes sense to me.

Lee : How may fans contact you?

Lucinda : I absolutely enjoy hearing from my fans. I love it. With PURE SEX I received about one e-mail per week from fans. The most surprising were from men. It shows my own sexism, but I think of women as romance readers. Maybe it’s the "erotic" part of the "erotic romance" on the spines of my books that grabs the guys. Either way, I'm grateful that my stories have an audience.

Now that NIGHT SPELL hit the shelves, I get at least one a day. I answer each and every one. And none is taken for granted.

Its funny, now that I'm a published author, I send more fan mail myself. One fan letter is worth more than one good review as far as I'm concerned.

Lee : Thanks for chatting with me, Lucinda. It's been fun!

Lucinda : Thanks Lee! How do you feel about leather pants?