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I am absolutely thrilled to be writing to you about my brand new book, Tie Me Down. It hit the shelves on September 1st and is getting really good reviews. Of all the books I’ve written (something like 10 now) this is probably my favorite—for a couple of different reasons.

To begin with, it was the hardest for me to write. I struggled with my own boundaries as I wrote this book, trying desperately to balance the suspense plot with the romantic one and never quite knowing if I’d managed to achieve it. Secondly, because the overarching theme—that of having control, losing it and willingly giving it up to someone you love—so parallels hang-ups in my own life (I am a control freak in a lot of ways). And finally, Tie Me Down is my favorite book because I believe, whole-heartedly, that it is the best one I’ve ever written. I agonized over so much of this book—scenes, sentences, whole chapters—that I really think I poured everything I have into it.

Other things I like about the book—it takes place in New Orleans, which is one of my favorite stomping grounds. I went to grad school in the Big Easy in the late nineties, turned 21 there, met my husband, fell in love, got married and first became a mother there, so for me it is a city that shaped a huge portion of my life. It’s a city that also shaped both Genevieve’s and Cole’s (my characters from Tie Me Down) lives as well, albeit in very different ways.

It’s my first really gritty suspense book—I’ve never written a serial killer before (or about his crimes), so this too really stretched me as a writer. And finally, I really, really love my hero. He’s dark and tortured and incredibly flawed, but so sexy and deep-down good that I melt when I think about him.

I’ve included an excerpt from Tie Me Down, as well as a New Orleans recipe that was one of my favorites when I lived there (and still is to this day). It’s a great adult party punch—but be careful, it packs a wallop! I hope you enjoy them both. And if you decide to pick up Tie Me Down I would love to hear what you think—drop me a line at or come visit my new blog, Love Musings, at

Oh, and one more thing, today is the last day of my four day Tie Me Down contest extravaganza—stop by my blog to get the rules for entry. The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to the online bookstore of the winner’s choice. Hope to see you there.

Have a wonderful autumn,

Tracy Wolff

Tie Me Down

©Tracy Wolff September 2009

“So, can I buy you a drink?” Her question came out of nowhere, in a no-nonsense tone and a voice that was pure, sugary Georgia peach. Smooth and silky and sweetly delicious, despite the hint of hard-ass he heard just below the surface.

Surprise swept through him, and he wondered if she would taste as good as she sounded. The contrast between her voice and her tone intrigued him, one more example of the numerous contradictions that seemed to make her up.

The lush body covered by that ridiculous suit.

The indolent pose belied by the watchful eyes.

The gorgeous voice with the don’t-fuck-with-me tone.

It made him wonder who the real Genevieve Delacroix was. Made him want to fuck with her—to fuck her—and to hell with the consequences.

As he struggled to regain control—to keep his eye on the prize—the wicked curve of her lips kept interfering with his concentration.

“What are you offering?” He kept his voice low as he angled his body toward hers, savoring the rush of arousal pouring through him. Inconvenient or not, it had been far too long since he’d felt this instantaneous reaction to a woman.

Her barely there smiled turned into a smirk. “That depends what you ask for.”

He nodded to the bartender who had sidled up to the other side of the bar. “A shot of Patrón Silver.”

“Interesting choice.” Genevieve quirked a brow before turning to the bartender. “I’ll take an Absolut and cranberry.”

After the bartender moved away, she leveled a pair of deep blue eyes at himand Cole fought the urge to squirm. Genevieve had cop eyes—world-weary, cynical and more than willing to believe the worst.

For a split second, it was like looking in a mirror, his own tormented emotions of the past few years staring back at him. But then a shutter came down, blocking him from seeing anything but a sardonic amusement that sent shivers up his spine.

“So,” she demanded as she leaned forward until her mouth was only inches from his own. “Do you often drink alone?”

It was his turn to raise a brow. “I’m new in town. I don’t have anyone else to drink with.”

“I’d feel sorry for you, but I get the impression that’s more by choice than necessity.” Her cerulean eyes glowed as they swept over him, and he couldn’t stop his body from clenching in response.

“So what about you?”

She inclined her head. “What about me?” Her peaches-and-cream voice was ripe with approval, and he felt his cock throb. Shifting a little, he tried to adjust himself so his hard-on wasn’t so obvious—or painful. But a quick glance at Genevieve told him that she was more than aware of his dilemma—and that she was enjoying it.

“Do you often drink alone?” He parroted her words back at her, determined to gain control of the conversation.

“Who says I’m alone? I could be waiting for someone.”

She was bluffing—pushing him hard with her fuck-off voice and come-hither body language—and normally he’d be more than happy to go along for the ride. But now wasn’t the time for this, he reminded himself forcibly.

“Should I leave?” He started to stand.

“No!” For just a moment her facade slipped, giving him one more glimpse of the frustrated, tired, too-pissed-off-to-be-alone woman behind the mask.

He sank back into his chair. “I’m Cole, by the way.” He held out a hand.

“Genevieve.” She hesitated before placing her hand against his.

“Afraid?” he asked with a smirk, unable to stop himself.

“Of you?” Her hand met his in a firm, no-nonsense clasp, her eyes narrowing in derision.

“Is there someone else here?” She tried to tug her hand back, but he didn’t let go. Couldn’t let go, any more than he could stop the cocky, shit-eating grin from crossing his face. It was going to be fun as hell testing her, seeing what she was made of.

Seeing just how far he could push before she began to shove back.

It might not be the wisest course of action, but then again, he’d given up being smart when he came to this hellhole of a city, intent on finding a truth that had eluded him for seven long years.

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