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It’s with some slight wistfulness that I present you with the last novel in my second romance trilogy. The Being series ends with The Beautiful Being, Edan’s and Ava’s story.

I started this trilogy with Being with Him followed by Intimate Beings. I have so enjoyed creating this world, but the best part about writing The Beautiful Being was getting Edan and Ava together. They have a difficult road in this story, and they must fight for each other. But what a pay off in the end!

Another fun aspect of writing this novel was dipping into the past two novels and working on secondary characters I love, Stephanie and Porter being a couple I am truly interested in. As no other character before him, Porter made my writing day when he showed up. What a character! What a mouth on that man! And how fun it was to put him around my main characters to see what he would do next.

I hope you will pick up a copy of The Beautiful Being! For a fun book trailer about this novel, go to my web site for a viewing:


Jessica Inclán

The Beautiful Being

© Jessica Inclán

Edan couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, watching as the woman came toward him. He wanted to call out her name, but he didn’t know what her name was, though he thought the sound of it would feel good on him tongue. Her name would be as tasty as the food she was handing out, something soft and lovely and delicious. There would be heat and softness to it. And beyond her name, everything else would be wonderful, too. The citrus taste of her, the smell of the delicate skin behind her ear, the warm feel of her skin under his palms. She would whisper to him, her voice a lazy cat in his ear. He wasn’t sure how he knew any of this, but he could almost feel the silky smoothness of her upper arm, the shimmering slope of her neck, the dip of her lower back. How could his hand know that? How could he know anything about her at all? How could he have sense memory of someone he had never touched?

“Man,” Siker was saying from what felt like a million miles away. “Are you like hungry? You should get some of this.”

The woman came closer, her blond hair a wave flowing behind her, her dark brown eyes taking him in. Edan knew her eyes, had seen her gaze before, as if she’d looked at him before, so serious, so calm. Her face was smooth, unlined, flawless, so clear and clean he wanted to reach out a hand and touch her. But at the same time, he almost wanted to hold up his hands to avoid her direct gaze, her eyes seeming to dig into him and beyond, into the desert behind him. She was seeing too much, taking him in as he was taking her in, and he managed to tamp down his thoughts, not wanting her to hear and know any more than she already must.

“Would you like something to eat?” she asked, her voice just as she imagined, smooth and low and assured. But there was something faraway about her, too, as if she’d thrown on some kind of protective covering, thoughts, feelings, and even air seeming to push past and around her.

Edan struggled to find his words, wondering if his tongue would move to form the fricatives, plosives, and bilabials that would make words that she might understand. If he didn’t focus, he realized he might find himself grunting like an animal, a primordial, pre-historic beast.

“Please,” he said, pushing the word out too fast. “Yes.”

Her eyes still on him, she handed him a package, the food warm in its wrapper.

“I hope you’ll like it,” she said.

“Do I—Do I know you?” Edan asked, gripping the food a little too hard in his hands, the soft contents underneath his fingers slightly squishing.

The woman stared at him with her same still look, and then shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Where are you from?” He was almost barking out his words, and she stepped back once, twice, staring at him as she did.

“Here,” she said. “Just outside Dhareilly.”

“Were you in the Source?”

She shook her head, her eyes narrowing. She put a hand on her hip, shrugged slightly, her mouth in a slim, irritated line. “Why are you asking me this?”

Edan wanted to put his hands on her shoulders and shake her. Where had she been? Why hadn’t she shown up before this? Why now in the desert? How could she be here, now, finally? Where had she been all this time? How could their meeting be as silly as this? Now she shows up carting food around, unable to truly see him. Her twin, standing right in front of her.

But maybe he was wrong. Maybe he was just lonely and tired and desperate to discover her. Maybe he was suffering from heatstroke, dizzy from dehydration, needing nothing more than a cool shower to calm his nerves. Despite his limited vocabulary, Siker was right. Edan needed rest, food, and water. That’s all.

“I—“ Edan began, about to introduce himself, but then a group of workers rounded the corner from the other side of the building and approached the cart, laughing and eager to eat the delicious food, the smells wafting everywhere.

Distracted, she turned toward the approaching people, and Edan stepped back, trying to find his breath.

“Man?” Siker said. “Looks like you’ve got a major thing going on. Some kind of animal instinct. Some kind of tribal reaction. Like you are about to—“

“Eat,” Edan said. He turned away slowly, wondering where he could go to run away from this feeling, this impulse, this need. He wasn’t sure if he could, but he put one foot in front of the other and moved, heading back toward the temporary shelter Jai and Risa had allotted him earlier.

The hot desert air against his face, the sun at his back, Edan found it hard to breathe, hard to concentrate. He needed to go back to the city Working here in the intense sun had been the wrong idea. He was dreaming up his twin out of the sand and shrub and wavery lines of heat. He was trying to find what he hadn’t in all his years in the Source. How could he possibly guide his people to anything if he couldn’t even recognize his twin? If he was imagining that a woman handing out pie was the woman he’d been waiting for his entire life, how could he ever be a responsible leader?

“Man?” Siker called out from behind him. “Where are you like going? There’s more to lunch than this.”

Edan held up a hand, unable to turn around, unable to answer Siker. He didn’t know where he was going except away, except out of here.

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