In an emotional story brimming with wry humor, New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery pens a tale of love, family, and a woman's journey of discovery.

Sunset Bay
Pocket Star Books, March 2009

What if you got another chance at the life that got away?

L.A. accountant Megan Greene has a successful job, a handsome cardiologist fiancé, and a doting father. Surely they make up for her estranged sister and hypochondriac mother...and a niggling sense that something, somewhere, got lost along the way. But then Megan's life falls spectacularly apart. Faced with the knowledge that neither her father nor her fiancé are the men she thought they were, she is loath to trust Travis — the high school boyfriend who never quite left her heart. But his reappearance stirs dreams she once reluctantly packed away, and forces her to confront her relationship with her sister — a bond that has been strained to the limit but has never quite broken. And amid the turmoil lies the promise of a future Megan never expected — one that may turn out to contain everything she really needs....

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Excerpt from Sunset Bay

©Susan Mallery

“Where to?” the cab driver asked.

“Circus Circus.”

Twenty minutes later Megan stood inside the hotel she’d visited all those years ago with Travis. Memories vied for her attention, crowding her brain with their images.

She’d been so incredibly nervous. It had been her first time going away with a man and she’d been convinced that everyone knew that they were probably going to be having sex later. She’d felt scared and excited and a thousand other emotions.

Now she walked around the casino, then to a railing where she could look down on the lower level. She’d been so young then. Too young. Travis had lived a different kind of life and he’d wanted things from her she wasn’t ready to give. Did he know that? Did he understand that she hadn’t wanted to reject him? Everything had happened so fast—he’d insisted on her leaving with him that second. There was no way she could have gone.

But what would have happened if she had? How would her life have been different? Would she have gone to New York and found work in a design studio? Would she and Travis have made it? She would never know, which was probably for the better. Fantasy was often so much more interesting than reality.

She’d been forced to grow up that summer. Her parents had grounded her and she’d had to quit design school. At the time that decision had seemed like the end of the world. Then she’d started college, studying business and gradually the idea of designing clothes had slipped away. Sometimes she looked back and wondered if she’d ever really been that creative, or had she been playing a childish game of dress-up?

She’d made a life—a good life—for herself. Despite her sister's comments, she was happy, not smug. She had everything she least she’d had it until a few weeks ago.

She walked over to where they’d had drinks before going up to their room. Travis had been so good to her, she thought, remembering their night together. How they’d made love. Her first time had been perfect, because of him. He’d been gentle and sexy and caring, with the right amount of intensity. He wasn’t the kind of man who would cheat weeks before his wedding and then expect it to be okay.

Megan took a deep breath. Apparently she might not be as emotionally disconnected from Adam as she’d thought, but she was still plenty pissed off. Which was fine. Healing took time. She’d lost Travis twice and both times she’d taken months to heal. Of course he had the advantage—he was forever young in her memories. The perfect boyfriend. The kind of guy who—

“Hello, Megan.”

She stood motionless, unable to move or breath or think or speak as she stared at the man standing in front of her. It was as if she’d conjured him from her mind. Only not him, exactly. An older version of what he’d been.

His eyes were the same, that was the first thing she noticed. The scar on his cheek was new. His hair was just as shaggy, but he’d filled out more. He’d become a man. And he was the hotel where they’d made love so many years ago.

She swallowed and forced herself to meet his powerful gaze. “Hello, Travis. It’s been a long time.”


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