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I’m so happy to be writing to you about my new Harlequin Presents story ‘The Greek’s Convenient Mistress’, just as it’s released in North America.

Recently a CataRomance review described it this way: ‘A beautiful love story, THE GREEK’S CONVENIENT MISTRESS, will stay with you long after turning the last page.’

Barely awake and emotionally exhausted after the worst day of her life, Sophie opens her door to a stranger. A big, dark, gorgeous Greek stranger.

Her life will never the same again.

Costas Palamidis explodes into her world, shaking her long-held beliefs and challenging her in ways she’d never imagined. She doesn’t want to like him. He seems to represent everything she’s avoided all her life, especially the straight-laced family that had disowned her mother and her.

Yet behind the contained, businesslike demeanour she senses a man in some ways as vulnerable as she, fighting desperately to save someone he loves. How can she turn her back on him? Even if it means facing her fears, she can’t walk away. Yet when she accompanies him to Greece she realises her danger. She’s falling under the spell of a man who’s strong and seemingly invincible, yet incredibly tender and caring – but only with those he loves. Could he ever love her, a woman who reminds him of the past he’s left behind?

Costas is desperate, focused on saving the life of his daughter. He travels half way around the world to find the one woman who can help. He’s determined not to let anything, even an unexpected attraction to a beautiful woman, stand in the way of his goal. Yet he finds his world changing, and all because of Sophie. She tempts him to forget the bitterness of the past and take a chance on the future, not alone as he’s been for so long, but with her.

This book is special to me because of the characters. Costas and Sophie have passions and doubts and hopes that I could relate to from the first. I like them because they stand up for what they believe in. Because they do what they think they must. And because they’re brave enough to risk their hearts despite the lessons of the past. I cheered when they eventually found their happy ever after. I hope readers enjoy them too.

If you want to find out more, pop over to and visit my book page for ‘The Greek’s Convenient Mistress’. There’s information on how I came to write the book as well as some pictures from the beautiful Greek island that inspired the story.

Warmest wishes and happy reading,

The Greek's Convenient Mistress
Annie West
June 2009

Taken by the Greek for convenience – and pleasure!

Sophie is shocked when Costas Palamidis turns up on her Sydney doorstep. Costas’s little daughter’s life is in grave danger – and Sophie is the only person who can help.

Coasts wastes no time in moving Sophie into his luxurious Greek villa. Struggling to fight the explosive attraction that fizzes between them, Sophie’s forced to make a decision after one night of unforgettable passion. She can either leave the man she’s fallen in love with…or stay, knowing she’ll never be more than the Greek’s mistress!

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Excerpt from The Greek's Convenient Mistress

© Annie West

‘Sophie, I –’

‘Keep away from me.’ She slapped away the hand he hadn’t even noticed he’d held out to her.

There were tears in her eyes and her lower lip trembled. Pain twisted deep inside him as he watched her obvious distress. He’d done that to her, damn his black soul. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her hurt away.

‘I said, stay away,’ she hissed, as he closed the distance between them, reaching out to bracket her with his hands, flat on the wall beside her head. The tantalising shimmer of liquid gold in her eyes ensnared him. Her delicate, fresh scent encompassed him, and the warmth of her luscious body drew him like a magnet.

He hefted one massive breath and struggled against the compulsion to reach out and claim her. To brand her as his own.

‘That’s the problem, Sophie. I can’t keep my distance. Not any more.’ He dragged in another juddering breath. ‘Don’t you understand?’

He stared down into her wide stunned eyes and knew he was lost.

‘Why do you think I was so furious with Yiorgos?’

‘Because you thought I was seducing him,’ she said flatly.

He shook his head.

She shifted her weight and shot a glance over his shoulder. ‘I need to go and –’

‘Why, Sophie?’ he demanded.

Slowly, as if she fought with every ounce of her strength, she lifted her eyes to his. She looked impossibly weary. ‘Because you don’t want me out of your sight,’ she whispered slowly then looked away.

He nodded, acknowledging the surge of ravening hunger that even now tore at the frayed remnants of his self control. A good thing his hands were planted firmly against the plaster. It helped him resist the desire to use them to shape her face, her fragile neck, her delicate curves.

‘And why is that?’ he whispered, focusing on her convulsive swallow, on the way she tugged at her lower lip with her teeth.

‘Because I’m the only person who might be able to help Eleni,’ she murmured at last, still refusing to meet his gaze.


Her gaze shot up again at the single word. The instant connection between them was like a jolt of electricity, charging the air with pulsing anticipation.

‘It’s because I’m jealous,’ he admitted, stripping his soul bare. His voice was a low animal growl that matched perfectly the savage possessiveness welling inside him. ‘I’m jealous of anyone who has you to themselves when I don’t.’ Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped and he wanted, more than anything, the ultimate luxury of taking her lush, enticing lips with his. His whole body trembled with barely repressed desire. Sweat hazed his skin at the effort it took to keep still, keep from sweeping her into his embrace and burying his face in her sweetly scented hair.

‘Do you understand, Sophie?’ His voice was raw, all pretence at civilised gloss scoured away by this elemental hunger. ‘I was jealous of my driver because he spent the day alone with you. I didn’t think for a minute you might be seducing him.’

He paused, gathering his courage.

‘I wanted you to be seducing me.’

The stark admission reverberated in the still air between them. Blatant. Inescapable. Overpowering.

He’d never felt so driven, so desperate for a woman’s touch. And even more, for her understanding.

He saw the warm colour flood her face, accentuate the high contours of her cheekbones. And he felt an answering heat, pooling low in his groin. Her eyes were wide, so clear and enticing that he felt he could lose himself in their promise, just as he wanted to lose himself in the heady temptation of her body.

He inhaled the scent of her, like beckoning spring after a long, cold winter. Enticing, promising, seductive.

He heard her soft breaths, short and rapid. And he could taste her already on his tongue. After last night he’d craved that taste with a frenzied longing that appalled him.

He had only to lift a hand, cup her face as he closed the distance between them and –

Kyrie Palamidis.’ The quiet voice of his housekeeper shattered the stillness.

The world tilted and shifted into focus again.

Till that moment it had been as if nothing else existed. There was only this space where he and Sophie stood, bound by a passion so strong it eclipsed all his puny self control.

He blinked, drew himself up and turned.

The housekeeper stood at the end of the hall, near the door to the servants’ quarters. She held a cordless phone in her hands and her eyes were wide with astonishment. Hastily she looked away.

In all the years she’d worked for him she’d never seen him with any woman other than Fotini. Even before his marriage, he hadn’t been in the habit of seducing guests in his home.

‘It’s the hospital on the phone,’ she explained.

Costas’ heart leapt right up into his throat at her words.

The moment of reckoning had arrived. Something, fear, clutched at his chest, squeezing so tight that for a moment he couldn’t breathe.

He felt Sophie’s eyes on him and pushed back his shoulders, forced himself to move, to accept whatever news awaited.

Excerpt from the title: The Greek’s Convenient Mistress by Annie West * ISBN: 978-0-373-12832-7 Copyright ©: 2006 by Annie West * First North American publication 2009 * The excerpt is posted by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.


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