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The last time I wrote to you through the Newswire, I was celebrating the fact that I had been a published romance writer for 25 years.   Now I’m coming to the end of this special celebratory year – and I’m thrilled  to find that it’s going out on a high.  My first Presents story for 2010 had a sexy Greek hero and now I’m back with another gorgeous Greek  - this time his name is Zarek Michaelis. And his story is told in my latest Presents title which is out on October 12th in the Presents Extra line up.

The story in this book is slightly different. You see, I was asked to write this book specially by my editor so that it could be part of a Presents mini-series named The Greek Tycoons.  All the books in this mini series (there are four of them, my  The Good Greek Wife? , Powerful Greek Housekeeper Wife by Robyn Donald,  The Power of the Legendary Greek by Catherine George and  The Greek Tycoon’s Achilles Heel by Lucy Gordon) are based on  stories and legends taken from ancient Greece, when heroes were Greek Heroes with a capital H and  they had to go out and fight battles  (think of the film Troy with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana) or rescued maidens from  strange and terrifying monsters.

Of course my hero doesn’t come up against any monsters – unless you count certain members of his family who are pretty monstrous – but he certainly has to fight against danger and difficulties before he finds true love and  reaches his happy ending with his wife, Penny.   Zarek Michaelis  is a Greek shipping magnate who went missing for two years after an attack on his boat (the Troy). And like the original, when he returns he find that his wife Penny  has new suitors, all wanting to take over the company he owned. So he has to prove himself to his wife and she has to prove that she has stayed faithful and loving all the time he has been missing. They have to get to know each other all over again and rediscover the love that had brought them together in the first place.

And it was as I was writing this story that I got a new insight into why  Harlequin romances are so consistently popular and have been for so long. The emotions and the passions that the authors write about are truly the ‘classic’ emotions - feelings that are as old as time and never change fundamentally, no matter what era or place the book is set in. Whether the hero is an ancient Greek warrior or a modern Greek Billionaire, the central core of the story – that love conquers all – is always essentially the same. And that’s what makes a classic love story. And a classic love-story is what I hope I've created in The Good Greek Wife?

UK readers certainly seemed to have loved it as The Good Greek Wife? has sold out fast since it was published here in July. Now it  will be out in Presents Extra in the Greek Tycoons mini series  on October 12th.   I hope you’ll find it a ‘classic’  too.

I’ll still be celebrating those 25 years until  December so why not drop by my web site and see what’s happening? You can learn all about the new books I have coming up, with reprints of old books, a third edition of my 12 Point Guide to Writing  Romance and a brand new title (The Proud Wife)  coming up for March next year.  You’ll be able to see all the new look UK covers  and  find out what else is coming up. I’m busy with another book right now and there will be plans for more when this one is done.

I’d also like to thank all the readers who have helped me to keep writing for these 25 years. Thank you all for your interest in my books, for the wonderful letters and emails I’ve received and for the fabulous sales that have kept me writing more and more.   I’m honoured that you  have enjoyed my books in  the past and I  hope you’ll enjoy the ones I have coming out later this year.

With all warmest wishes –
Happy Reading!

Kate Walker

Excerpt from The Good Greek Wife?

© Kate Walker

Suddenly Penny had had enough. Enough of this situation, this family. She didn’t belong here and she never had. She had always been second best, unwanted and unpopular with Zarek’s stepmother and half brothers. And second best to Zarek too. Theirs had never been a love match but a marriage of convenience.

Or, rather, it had been a love match on her side but not on his.

So why was she so determined to stay here where she wasn't wanted? Why was she trying to hold together the company simply because Zarek had so hated the thought that, without him, it might be split between his half-brothers, come under the control of Hermione's family? This was the other reason why he had married her, for an heir that would prevent that from happening, To cling on to memories that had never really been true, no matter how much she might wish they had? She didn't need to stay here to do that. She could take her thoughts of Zarek with her wherever she went.

'You're right, Jason,' she said suddenly coming to a decision. Knowing that she was desperate to escape, to get out of here.

Perhaps if she escaped, she could leave, go home. She could be by herself and try to find a way to go on, another way of living. She could always take Zarek with her in her heart.

'You're so right,' she said again, shielding her real feelings behind a mask of bravado. 'It's time this whole mess was sorted out and everything finalised so that we can get on with our lives. And to do that we have to have Zarek's death declared and legalised. So let's do that.'

Reaching for the glass of water in front of her, she lifted it, tilting it in Jason's direction in mockery of a toast.

'The company is yours, my dear. The king is dead,' she proclaimed, making her voice sound as light and caring a she possibly could. 'Long live the king.'

Her words fell into a strange and disturbing silence. A silence that seemed to reach out and enclose her, tangling round her throat and making it impossible to breathe.

Suddenly Jason wasn't looking at her. He had turned away and was staring in the opposite direction. They were all staring that way. Everyone in the room had their eyes fixed on where the door had swung open, pushed firmly but not violently from the other side so that it created a wide, wide space. And everyone was staring into that wide space, shocked, stunned, almost as if they had seen a ghost. Even Hermione had come to a complete halt, one long, elegantly manicured hand going up to her throat in a gesture of horror.

'Jason . . .' Penny began but the name died on her tongue, shrivelled on it by the realisation of just what was happening in the same moment that a voice – an impossibly, unbelievably, shockingly familiar vice spoke, cutting across her in a rough, sardonic drawl.

'Long live the king? I think not, agapi mou . . .'

A sensation like a blow to the head made Penny's thoughts spin sickeningly, the room blurring before her eyes as she struggled to turn and look too. To make her gaze focus on the dark, powerful shape of the man in the door.

It couldn't be. It just couldn't be! There was no way this was possible. It had to be a dream – or a nightmare – or both at once. Because there was no way it could be happening that . . .

'Because to make that follow, then as you say, the first king must actually be dead. . . .'

And fixing his eyes on her shocked face, his burning gaze seeming to be drawing out all the blood that Penny could feel had drained from her face so fast that she thought it must leave her looking like a ghost, the new arrival took a couple of steps forward, moving further into the room.

'And as you can see, gineka mou, I am very much alive.'

'I - you – '

Penny tried to get to her feet but abandoned the attempt after only a moment, finding that her legs were too weak to support her and her feet seemed to be balanced on a floor that was strangely uneven, rocking and swaying beneath her as if a huge flood had suddenly come along and lifted the house from its foundations, carrying it out onto the wildest, swirling sea.

Slumping back into her seat, she shook her head faintly, sending her hair flying out around her face, then passed a shaking hand in front of her eyes, rubbing at them to clear them of this impossible hallucination.

But when she blinked hard and looked again he was still there. Dark and powerful and strong as ever with a forcefully carved face and deep burning eyes that seemed to flay off a much needed layer of skin leaving her feeling painfully raw and vulnerable, totally exposed. And the look Zarek turned on her was cold and dark, not one that encouraged her to fly into his arms, even after the distance of these two dreadful years.

It had been so long since she had seen him in the flesh, rather than in the photographs she studied every day, that it was almost like seeing him for the first time. Seeing how devastatingly attractive he was, how big and powerful, his lean rangy figure in the plain white shirt and steel grey suit, easily dominating the room and making everyone else look so very small and insignificant.

'Zarek . . .' she croaked, her throat closing up around the sound so that she could barely get it out. 'Z-Zarek . . .'


His response was a small, cynically mocking bow of acknowledgement, his probing gaze never leaving her face for an instant.

'Zarek Michaelis. Your absent husband. Home at last.'

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I love  sharing my celebrations with my readers so to celebrate the fact that The Good Greek Wife? sold out in the UK, I have  three special prizes on offer. Each prize will be a  complete set of The Greek Tycoons mini series in which The Good Greek Wife?  appears together with a Kate Walker tote bag and one of my brand new special 25th anniversary silver pens. And one lucky winner will also get an extra prize of a $20 giftcard from Amazon.

To enter this contest, you need to visit my web site and find the answer to this question:

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Then email us at with your answer by midnight on October 17th, 2010. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address and please mark the subject heading as 'The Good Greek Wife?'.

Good luck!

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