Dear Readers,

The last couple of months have marked the beginning of a dream come true for me—first the publication of A Christmas Wedding, my first Harlequin, and now the publication of Full Exposure, my first Single Title Erotic Suspense. My entire life, I’ve wanted to be a writer and though marriage and kids and a full-time job originally pushed that dream to the side, it’s so exciting to realize that it’s finally come true!

Full Exposure, though the second book of mine to be published, is the first novel I ever wrote—and as such is incredibly special to me. It is the story of Serena, a photographer who lost her twin sister a decade before in a brutal rape and murder that also left her nearly dead, and who has spent ten years rebuilding her life—or at least pretending to. But when she meets Kevin, she realizes that she’s never dealt with the baggage in her past but that she must now if she has any hope of ever really building a life for herself.

It was, by turns, exciting and gut-wrenching to write this story. It takes place in the Louisiana bayous, an area I explored when I went to grad school in New Orleans and as such, brings back a ton of memories of one of the best times of my life. At the same time, the torment I put Serena through—and the baggage she has to carry—had me in tears more than once as I wrote the story.

As I mentioned above, Full Exposure is a story very dear to my own heart, and one I am thrilled to be sharing with you. I hope, if you get the chance to read it, that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Take care,

Tracy Wolff

Full Exposure
Tracy Wolff
January 2009

Closing herself off to a traumatic past, photographer Serena Macafee likes sex with no strings attached. No commitment. Just pure pleasure. Her new subject, sculptor Kevin Riley, is the perfect man to fulfill her hottest fantasies. Where better than the torrid wetlands of Baton Rouge where Riley works—and plays? But as their affair heats up, so do Serena’s intimate feelings for Kevin. And as her guard breaks down, her fears are aroused...

She’s opening herself up to emotions she never wanted, and making herself vulnerable to a past she thought she’d escaped. One that has followed her to the sweltering southern bayou, exposing her to the twisted fantasies of someone in the shadows, and to dangers beyond her control.

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Excerpt from Full Exposure

©Tracy Wolff

He nodded and pulled her into his chest. She didn’t know if the embrace was meant to comfort him or her, but she could feel her body relax inch by tightly-wound inch as his warmth once again seeped into her.

Before she realized what she was doing, Serena had wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed herself, full-body, against him. She rested her cheek on his chest, inhaled his musky, male scent and felt a small bit of peace creep into her heart. Not enough to make her forget the look on Damien LaFleur’s face when his parole was announced. Not enough to make her forget her sister’s mutilated body. But enough to make the next hour seem worth living. Just enough to make her believe that tomorrow would be a little better than today.

"Full Exposure is an on your toes erotic thriller that is as hot as the setting."
~Fallen Angel Reviews
“Tracy Wolff puts the S in steamy and the E in erotic … Add in two characters that fit together so completely they could have been stuck together with glue, and you have the perfect read.”
~ Romance Junkies
"The bayou never looked so good.”
Refusing to give herself time to think, Serena pressed an open-mouthed kiss to Kevin’s chest. She reveled in his muscles, in the careless strength that he took for granted. Her hands stroked softly over his strong back, delighting in the shiver of response she felt move through him.

She pressed closer, pushing her breasts even more firmly against him. He drew in a breath audibly and she grinned for the first time in a long time. Maybe this wasn’t the wisest move on her part, or the best-timed one, but she wanted Kevin. She wanted to lose herself in his arms for a few blissful hours, wanted to forget the pain that waited for her with nearly every breath she took.

Her mouth skimmed, again, across his chest. She longed to touch his naked skin, to sink her teeth into the resilient flesh that beckoned to her with each rise and fall of his chest. The steady rhythm of his heart increased, and she placed a hand over it, relishing the power and life that flowed through him with every heartbeat. Her thumb lightly skimmed his nipple and she felt his in-drawn breath.

Kevin pulled away from her, his beautiful blue eyes wary. She could still see traces of rage in them and his response warmed her. He cared. He really cared about what had happened to Sandra, about what had nearly happened to her. That, more than anything else, made what was about to happen seem right.

Even though she told herself it was simply recreational sex, something to take her mind off the trials of the day, she knew better. Sex with Kevin would be a lot of things—hot, mind-blowing, explosive. But it would never be something as bland as recreational, as mild as simple feel-good sex often was. Sex with Kevin would be intense, messy and everything she’d always dreamed making love could be. Not to mention everything that had ever frightened her about the act as well.

“What are you doing?” His voice was rusty when he spoke, dark and sensual despite his desire to keep things on an even-keel. “I thought that would be obvious.” Serena’s voice held a teasing note that she almost didn’t recognize. She trailed her fingers lightly down his arms to his hands. Grasping his left hand, she brought it to her mouth and bit him in the exact place he had bitten her four days before.

His eyes darkened and his mouth twisted with desire. “Not now, Serena. We can’t do this now.”

“Why not? I can’t think of a better time.” Her tongue licked one finger and then another, slowly, like she was savoring a particularly wonderful treat.

“You’re not thinking straight.” His voice was desperate, his eyes nearly black.

“I am thinking straight. Maybe for the first time in a long time.” She pressed a hot, open-mouthed kiss to his wrist, even as her lower body bumped sensuously against him.

Kevin picked her up, set her a few feet away from him, backed up even more. She was killing him, with her cat-and-the-cream grin and her mind-blowingly hot body. He could still feel every inch of her pressed against him, though almost half the room now separated them. “I don’t take advantage of women in pain,” he said aloud, though he didn’t know if he was talking to her or himself.

Her eyes narrowed and her mouth twisted into something that looked remarkably like a pout. “I’m not asking you to take advantage of me. Just to take me.”


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