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As my website states, I love what I write and I write what I love, and that is Regency romance books. I write in this time period because I’m intrigued by it, and it satisfies me. I love a handsome, titled rake who wears knee boots polished to a sexy gleam.

Most historians have called the Regency period a time of over-indulgence, maddening elegance, and wasteful extravagance for the rich and famous of the time, and from all I’ve read they were right, and then some.  Even with their lavish parties, their luxurious clothing, and their excessive eating and drinking, one could only come to the conclusion that they loved as passionately, as openly, as secretly, and as wildly as we do today.

But affairs of the heart were not so easy during the Regency as they are today.  Society’s rules, especially for young ladies were much stricter. Simply being so affectionate as to hold hands in public would open you to ridicule, scorn, and the possibility of being completely outcast by Society.  During the Regency, marriages were often arranged for political or financial reasons.  Fathers often went against their daughters’ wishes and forced them to marry men they didn’t love and certainly didn’t want to marry.  Today most of us find ourselves shaking our heads over this tradition.

I do think there were probably less intimate love affairs and more pining and loving from a distance because the rules of Society were so strict concerning women.  It was more difficult to court or to carry on a love affair during the Regency because a young lady was seldom left alone for any length of time and never in a gentleman’s company.  This is sometimes quite challenging as an author. It can be difficult to come up with ways for the hero and heroine to be alone so I can show the romance developing or have a romantic scene.

In my current book, A Gentleman Says “I Do” I manage to get Iverson and Catalina alone by having him follow her to an inn. Later, I have her turn the tables on him and follow him. At the time, she didn’t know he was going to a brothel! Never fear, fans of romance, he wasn’t looking for a night of secret indulgence. He was looking for her father. And I managed to get Iverson and Catalina alone together a few more times before I made it to the happily-ever-after ending.

I hope you’ll pick up or download a copy of A Gentleman Says “I Do” and experience the wonderful world of Regency romance with me!

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Amelia Grey

Excerpt from A Gentleman Says "I Do"

© Amelia Grey

Mr. Brentwood laughed heartily.

Catalina folded her arms across her chest and asked, “What has caused you so much amusement?”


Her eyes widened. “Me?”

“Yes, I was hoping when your father saw your name linked with the mine in the gossip pages that he would fear for your reputation and come running home to protect you.”

Catalina’s breaths shortened in anticipation of what his words implied. She hadn’t thought about the possibility of the article bringing her father home. But it had been impossible to think at all with Mable and Agatha‘s constant chatter. But Mr. Brentwood was right. She needed something like scandalous gossip to bring her father home quickly.

“I agree, Mr. Brentwood. This might be just the ticket to bring Papa home. He’s never been away this long before.”

“Perhaps his muse has led him on a merry chase and he can’t find it.”

“I think that is a given.”

“Well, if the gossip column today doesn’t bring him back soon, we can always up the stakes?”

She lifted her gaze to his once again. “What do you mean?”

“I can make sure that several people overhear me saying that I intend to make you my next conquest.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I could make it even worse by making the pronouncement that we will be married before the Season starts. That should put a fire under your father and bring him running back home.”

“You wouldn’t dare say something so outrageous.” He stepped closer to her, and then looked down at his feet to make sure the toes of his boots met the toes of her light brown slippers.

When they both looked up again, their gazes met. He was so close she felt heat radiating from his body.

“Miss Crisp, by now you should know that I will dare anything.”

“No one would believe you anyway.”

“They would if I was caught stealing a kiss from you right here in your garden.”

Catalina suddenly felt mesmerized by him. A kiss? Why did the thought of a kiss from him leave her breathless?

“You wouldn’t,” she whispered again.

He reached up and caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingers as he had that first day they met. And his touch thrilled her the same way it had then.

“You know that I would,” he said huskily.

“But Auntie Elle could come out at any moment.”

“She probably will, but right now, I want to kiss you and it’s a chance I’m willing to take.”

His tone, his closeness made her stomach quiver deliciously. She had no desire to move away from what he was promising. Teasing warmth tingled across her breasts and spiraled down to the deepest part of her abdomen.

He lowered his head toward hers and leaned his body forward until his lips lightly grazed hers with the merest amount of pressure. The contact was sweet, light, and enticing. Catalina didn’t know why but her eyes closed and her lips parted naturally the moment his touched hers. She felt as if her heart was pounding in her ears. His lips were warm, soft, and moist. They lingered over hers as if he were savoring something deliciously rare. A small sigh of wonderment escaped her lips. She drank in the moment and enjoyed all the sweet sensations that bubbled up inside her at the momentous occasion of her first kiss.

He lifted his mouth no more than an inch from hers, his gaze locked on hers again, and he whispered, “That sounded very much like a satisfied sigh.”

He raised his head a little and said, “Did you know I’ve wanted to kiss you since I saw you walking toward me that day in your home?”

She moistened her lips and lowered her head as she shook it. Could she be as truthful and tell him that he had reminded her of the hero in all her romantic dreams?

“Look at me,” he said and tenderly placed his fingertips under her chin, lifting her head. “It’s true, Catalina Crisp. You are a very desirable lady.”

“I’ve been reading about kisses since my father gave me my first book of romantic poetry when I was fourteen years old but I--.” She stopped.

“But this was the first time you’ve been kissed, right?”

She nodded. “I didn’t know it would be so--”

“Tell me.” He smiled sweetly. “So what, Catalina?”

“So delicious and thrilling, and I didn’t know I would be so eager for another kiss.”

He smiled. “So it was everything you expected it to be.”

“No, it was more. I didn’t know I would be so eager for another kiss.”

He chuckled softly. “I didn’t expect you to say that, but I’m glad you did.”

She moistened her lips and added, “The kiss was also softer than I expected it to be.”

He raised his hand and traced the curve of her upper lip with his middle finger as his forearm rested gently, softly on her chest between her breasts. The intimacy of his touch made her abdomen tighten.

“Ah,” he said. “I can fix that. A first kiss should always be soft, tender, and memorable, but the second can and should be passionate.”

“Passion?” she whispered. “I’ve read about it so many times in my poetry books.”

“And now you want to feel it?”

“Can I?” she asked eagerly.

“Oh, yes, Catalina. I’ll show you.”

His lips came down to hers again but this time with confident, commanding pressure. She responded by instinct and parted her lips. His tongue slipped inside her mouth and explored with slow sensual movements. Her stomach tightened again and her heart fluttered erratically in her chest.

The kiss deepened as his lips moved urgently, seductively over hers. She loved the feel and the pressure of his lips, and the taste of his mouth on hers. She couldn’t seem to stop herself from sighing again because the sensations, the pleasure she experienced was so intense.

Now she knew why Juliet didn’t want to live without Romeo’s kiss.

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