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On debut author, Alexa Darin

Alexa Darin spent twelve years working in the aerospace and environmental fields, before she began writing movie reviews for a marketing group out of Hollywood. After an injury limited her ability to get out of the house for nearly a year, she turned to her laptop and began writing her first novel. However, that was far from her beginning into the world of romance…

At one time, Alexa thought it would be really cool to be a doctor. Never mind that she didn’t like the thought of dealing with such unpleasantries that we won’t mention here. After spending some time in school, she decided Accounting might be more to her liking, since she had always been good at math.

Numbers were sure boring! There had to be something she was much more suited to, something that she could get excited about. This would take some thinking. But in the meantime, she needed to make some money…as it turns out, growing kids need food and clothing and books…hence, her reason for working in an office environment for so many years.

Books! Now that was something that could get her arousal quotient up. All those love stories being written by all those lovely women who obviously knew the importance of having a little romance in their lives. Boy could she use some romance.

Romance! She knew romance! She’d been dreaming of building a world that included a white picket fence for years—ever since the day she laid eyes on a cute little neighbor boy who made her heart go thump. If ever a girl had inspiration to write about love and passion, he was it.

And so it began…

Alexa’s debut novel, GOOD WITH HIS HANDS, is a September 2006 release by Zebra Press (Kensington Books). Her next novel, KISS ME TWICE, will be released in 2007.

Besides writing, Alexa enjoys gardening (moving plants around like they’re furniture is good exercise), playing the piano (she’s convinced a little practice now and then will make her a virtuoso), and hiking in the alpine wilderness with her two yellow labs.

Alexa lives on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, and so far, so good…she’s been able to keep the moss in her yard contained to just three sides.

On writing . . . keep at it and good things will happen.

On life . . . if you love someone, let them know.

On romance . . . when you find that one little boy in your life who inspires you to dream, dream big!

and her novel, GOOD WITH HIS HANDS...


Man who uses his mind instead of his hands—someone who can "wow" me and hold a decent conversation. Someone who knows that a dinner date consists of more than a six-pack and a bag of chips. Beer-guzzling, power-tool using jerks need not apply...

Pepper Barlett has always been a woman who knows exactly what she wants—except when it comes to men. With a body to die for and classic girl-next-door good looks, she's never had any trouble finding a man, but finding one who doesn't cheat, lie, or run in the other direction at the thought of commitment is another story. Determined to swear off hot, sweaty, sexy men with blue collars and blue jeans, Pepper places a personal ad with just one requirement— No Blue Collar Guys need apply.

What she wants is a man to turn her inside out and make her crazy with desire—but not drive her crazy. What she finds is the answer to her dreams. Jake Hunter is smart, sensitive, hotter than hell, and an architect. With jet black hair and a beautiful body she'd like to get to know a whole lot better, Jake is the one man she can't wait to get into bed. But now he's the one who wants to wait. Just what is he hiding? And when Pepper finds out what it is, will she swear off all men forever?

What people are saying about Alexa and GOOD WITH HIS HANDS...

“The perfect blend of passion and humor.”
—Meryl Sawyer, New York Times bestselling author

“I couldn’t put this book down. Author Alexa Darin deftly makes several characters—men and women—dance around a lie that affects them all eventually. I particularly enjoyed the surprises she built into all her characters, not just the main characters. Sometimes characters aren’t what they seem, and that’s delicious! The result is a well-crafted, satisfying read. This is one heck of an impressive debut novel.”
—Christine DeSmet, novel, author, screenwriter

“Good With His Hands enchants readers with captivating characters. Alexa Darin has written a story that has you rooting for the hero and heroine to get together and stay together by creating an eclectic cast and unique plot. Good With His Hands takes the reader for a ride that is over way too quickly. I look forward to reading future works by Alexa Darin.”
—Madelyn Hill, author

“Good With His Hands features a heroine with an attitude and a hero with some issues. Together, they actually create a fairly intriguing story. The little snippets of Jake’s background that Ms. Darin drops throughout the story make the reader want to finish just to find out exactly what happened in Jake’s past to make him take such a long dating hiatus. Pepper’s struggle to find “The One” is something just about any woman can relate to. Her enthusiasm for the search is both amusing and energizing because it shows how she takes charge of her life. She’s not going to let love pass her by. An abundance of secondary characters add flaws, humor, and pleasant secondary plots to this story. All in all, Ms. Darin shows some real intriguing promise as a writer and storyteller.”
—Romance Junkies

If you haven't already had a chance to visit Alexa's website, I hope you'll stop by soon and check it out. I spent some time there myself earlier and had fun browsing. She's got more interesting photos up of book signings and her home and there's also an excerpt for the book that you can read!

In celebration of her new release, Alexa is hosting a contest with this Goodie Spotlight! Here's your chance to win an autographed copy of GOOD WITH HIS HANDS and a cool t-shirt. Just answer the following question correctly and we'll add your name to the drawing! I promise I've made it very easy to win. :)

Question: What is Alexa's least favorite activity?

You'll find the answer somewhere on Alexa's website so hurry up and head over there to find the answer! Once you're sure you've got it right, please submit your full name, mailing address and correct answer to me via email.

Your deadline to get your answer to me is November 4th, 2006. I'll pick 4 winners after that date and notify them by private email. Names will be announced here shortly thereafter.

Alexa would love to hear from you so if you'd like to share your thoughts about her debut novel, please drop her a note via her website. It's also a great way to stay informed on news about her upcoming releases.

Happy reading and good luck to all of you!!


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