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October 2006

Michelle R.
Chesterton, IN
11th October 2006

Lee, I absolutely love your new website! Readers everywhere will love the new easy-to-use format. I check out your website often to see what's new on it.

My love for reading started when I was a little kid. My mom would read to me at night before I went to bed. I remembering going to the library as a little kid and checking out all the Dr. Seuss books. In high school, I read all the J.R.R. Tolkien books then graduated on to gothic romance. I loved Phyllis A. Whitney, Victoria Holt, etc. Now I love everything! Mysteries, romance, chick-lit, fantasies, etc. My favorite authors so far are, Carly Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Kate Collins, Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, J.K. Rowlings, Susan Isaacs, Valerie Frankel, Sophie Kinsella, Robin J. Gunn, Jill Shalvis and Laura Childs. My favorite author list is growing all the time! I also subscribe to a lot of magazines. There is a whole bookcase in my house dedicated to my favorite authors. In addition, there are 2 shelving units in my bedroom dedicated for my to-be-read pile. The pictures I sent are my to-be-read books.

Well, my love for books intensified when I got laid off in 2003, after working for 18 years non-stop. It was a full-time, over-time, all-nighter job. Whew! Am I ever glad that chapter of my life is over! I gained a lot of valuable experience and made a lot of friends but I had no social life outside of work. My husband and I rarely saw each other. He worked full-time during this period also.

I joined book clubs and scoured book sales at my favorite book stores. There are several in my area. The book clubs are fantastic because they expose you to so many new authors. It is great fun discussing books with a friend especially when her views are different from mine. We have had many lively discussions in our groups about certain books.

I was lucky enough to meet Kate Collins three different times at Barnes Noble in Valparaiso, Indiana, who writes the new book series, "A Flower Shop Mystery", Mum's the Word, Slay it with Flowers, etc. It was such a thrill to actually talk to her about her books! She is such a sweet lady. I also spoke with Emerson Sparks at Barnes Noble who started the website, "" This website is dedicated to all things about Harry Potter. He is the boy who interviewed J.K. Rowling. It was so interesting to hear all about his interview with her. Starbucks has now become a friend of mine. I never stepped into one in my whole life until I joined my book clubs.

Then, we got a computer at home. I discovered a whole new world of book authors on the internet! Heaven! I check out all my favorite author websites a couple of times a week. I am a devoted blogging fan on several author websites.

Thank you so much, Lee, for everything! Congratulations on your new website!

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