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November 2006

Sandra Marton
Storrs, CT
13th November 2006

My husband and I went to England in late September. AMBA (Association of Mills and Boon authors) was having its annual fall luncheon, my publisher (Harlequin Mills and Boon) was holding a cocktail party for its authors… What more reason did I need to fly to London?

The luncheon and party were fantastic. Each was held in an elegant, historic building, the sort London 's known for.

The luncheon was at the RAF building. What a feeling, to walk through those doors and see the history of the Royal Air Force on display! The dining room was on the second floor (the first floor, if you're British) and climbing the staircase to reach it took forever because I stopped constantly to admire the painting of planes and air battles that lined the wall.

The party was in the Brooks Club, so exclusive that a group of us trying to find it couldn't. There were no signs, no numbers on the door. You just had to know the club was there—and once you did, what an experience! The club was founded in that very same building just about the time the fledgling American colonies were fighting the British in our War for Independence . So much history… And, the evening of the party, so many great people to see and meet while we drank champagne and ate delicious hors d'oeuvres.

We spent the week with old friends and new ones, with my editor, with the executive director of Harlequin Mills and Boon, with the great office staff. People were generously determined to show us a great time and, trust me, they did.

London has always been one of my favorite cities. It's the most amazing mix of old and new: you can dine in Rules (which dates back centuries) and, next day, have breakfast in a trendy restaurant in Mayfair that's meant to resemble an American diner (if American diners were like this one, nobody would eat anywhere else), or in an Italian restaurant that makes you think, for the moment, you're in Rome.

We were in London for eight days, and they went by in a flash.


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